Software Development

Mobile and Desktop Apps, Databases, Websites and More

My current rate is $50/hour. New clients receive a 20% discount for up to 200 hours on their first project. Contact me for a free estimate.

Development Technologies

Used for Native, Hybrid and Web Applications

About Me

In 2003 I created Rebrand Software, LLC to provide software development solutions to businesses and individuals. I now have over a decade of experience in every aspect of software development: planning, design, usability, coding, testing, production and monetization.

My specialty is creating cross-platform apps that work on many different operating systems. I have published over 30 apps on iTunes, the Mac App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store.

I'm comfortable using many different technologies, and enjoy learning new ones. Some of my favorites are: Javascript, jQuery, Xojo, JSON, SQL, PHP, ASP, WordPress and HTML5.

In addition to my work I am happily married and raising two beautiful girls. We enjoy rock climbing, playing intricate board games and geocaching. I'm an advocate for science, reason, and animal welfare.

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I work with a variety of clients, from individuals creating a personal project to enterprises developing large-scale applications.